In honor of your favorite millionaire with impeccable taste, you can consider serving some of the finest food from elegant hors d'eurves to a delectable dinner.
Try some of these links for:
- Elegant Appetizers
- Gourmet Main Dishes
- Divine Desserts


Since murder is the theme of your party, try some of these horror-ific FARE to share with your guests.

All the fixin's for a terrifying feast. Including Awful Arachnids, Eerie Eyeballs, Freaky Witches' Fingers, Brittle Merangue Bones, Savory Brain Shrimp Spread, Deviled Eggs, Decayed Corpse Chips with Entrail Salsa, Spicy Bat Wings and more... Click here.

Mystery Makings for dessert

  • Elegance is key!

  • Use linen table cloths.

  • Tea lights.

  • Fancy table runner.

  • Candleabra.

  • Spray paint random things gold to add a flare for the elite. Use as table decorations.

  • Use chargers with your place settings.

  • Gold plates and plasticware.

  • Have a printed menu (included with the mystery) at their setting.


Be sure to utilize all of the extras that come with the mystery--

• Name cards for your guests
• Personalized menus
• Recipe and directions to make some killer chiller glasses
• Designed labels to put on wine bottles for awards
• and MORE!

Spooky Music-- If haunting and howling is what you want for the backdrop of your party, you can find a variety of Halloween music at stores or at your library. To download some free riffs, find them here.

Horror score music-- Download some free music scores from some horror flicks. Find it here.
Or try a cd of music. Find it here.

Rocky Horror Picture Show-- A musical score for a spooky party. Find it here.

Classical Music-- To add a touch of elegance to this high society get-together, you may want to try some of the classics. Find it here.

Free Music-- If you are looking to keep costs low, you can always visit your local library to find the perfect musical score for your party.

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